Fee Structure

Sl No. Particulars For 1st Year For Second Year
1 Admission fee Rs.60 Rs.60
2 Tuition fee Rs.100 (for 5 months) Rs.100 (for 5 months)
3 Kit fee Rs.5000 Rs.5000
4 Library Rs.200 Rs.200
5 Game fee Rs.250 Rs.250
6 Magazine fee Rs.150 Rs.150
7 Development fee Rs.100 Rs.100
8 Identity card and lesson plan fee Rs.200 Rs.200
9 Medical fee Rs.100 Rs.100
10 Intramural fee Rs.150 Rs.150
11 Annual athletic meet fee Rs.100 Rs.100
12 Class exam fee Rs.100 Rs.100
13 Caution money fee Rs.300 Rs.300
14 Cultural and function fee Rs.300 Rs.300
15 Study tour and camping fee Rs.500 Rs.500
16 Insurance fee Rs.100 Rs.100