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From the Principal's Desk


Physical education is that phase of the total educational process which deals with “Big Muscle activities”. It is selected as to kind and conducted as to outcome. Every individual must bring quality in their lives. We shouldn’t add years to life rather we should add life to years. Now-a-days due to excessive pressure of stress, individuals are becoming more monotonous and mechanical and through participation in physical education and yoga activities we can release our stress and can lead a very healthy life. Physical education is an integral part of the total educational process. The physical education personnel’s have a great role to play in the society for achieving positive health. Things like personal hygiene, social service, patriotism are the hallmarks to be achieved by us for nation building. Physical education teachers are the pillars of the nation. They have to achieve physical fitness of the people in the society so that they can attain the objective of a healthy nation. Physical education makes every individual physically fit, mentally alert, socially acceptable, emotionally balanced and spiritually sound. Its aim is to bring all round development of each individual in the society. Each and every energetic and fit person can contribute more in nation building.It is our vision to engage in relentless pursuit of excellence in physical education and sports for health, fitness and wellness of the citizens. It is also our mission to provide quality teaching, learning and research in cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains in physical education and sports.

- Dr. Santanu Kumar Mishra